From deconstructing narratives to designing one

 The Red Hood Diaries. Not narrated by David Duchovny (sadly).
Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries. Not narrated by David Duchovny (sadly).

It appears I've been running this little blog for four years this month. Please join me in a celebratory nod as a distraction from the recent lack of updates. At least I have a series of valid excuses this time. I've spent a month in America! I've moved house! And pretty much the most exciting development of all: I can actually call myself a narrative designer now! For the last two months, I've been working closely with the Antwerp-based studio GriN on a game called Woolfe. It's an episodic platformer/brawler set in the Red Riding Hood fairy tale, but with that customary dark twist thrown in. I'm currently in charge of finetuning an already established story foundation and writing dialogue and voice-over elements. The first trailer is below the jump.

Neat visuals, eh? Disregard those and focus on the two sentences that I wrote! I spent all this time on my Short Scripts deconstructing stories for a laugh and now I have to construct one of my own. It's a daunting task, but one I'm very eager to tackle. Thanks to GriN, I've already gotten some minor experience in that arena, but this is the real deal.

As a result of this new responsibility, I've unfortunately had to stop my work for BeefJack, which is currently in the middle of a relaunch. My two-year tenure with them has definitely helped me hone whatever writing skills I profess to have and I hope to still provide the odd contribution in the future.

What's that? You want more Short Scripts too? Well, I'd love to write one on Call of Duty: Ghosts, since I haven't even played the game yet and there's already plenty of witty jokes rattling around in my head. Unfortunately, the ample reports decrying it as a rushed and half-assed PC port made me put it on the back burner for a while, as I don't feel like shelling out full price on an inferior product I'd only half-heartedly play for the singleplayer component.

So right now I'm worming my way through Splinter Cell: Blacklist, at least whenever time and Uplay will let me. Conviction already gave me plenty of grief with Ubisoft's digital delivery service and none of that seems to have changed. In fact, Uplay has become an even bigger and more intrusive hassle. Oh well, more fuel for the fire.

I'll definitely have something else to put up in the near future, but more details on that later. It's a surprise!




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